Slow Computer

Is your Windows Computer Slow ??

When clients tell me their computer is slow, I ask them this:
1: Is the computer slow to open your programs, IE: do you have to wait a long time for the computer to open Word,Excel or your Web Browser(Firefox, Chrome).

2: Your Browser opens quickly but you are finding it's slow to load the pages you want to look at on the internet ??
If it's very slow loading pages on the internet then it's more likely your internet connection. This can be caused by, but not limited to:
* Your Internet Service Providers data speed coming down your line.
* Your internal WiFi from your modem.
* Your Modem(Least likely)
* Your Web Browser needs a clean up.

If the answer was yes to the first question, then here are just some causes of a slow Computer.

*If it suddenly becomes slow, it maybe a program that's using lots of your computers CPU and RAM resources.
*Too many programs running in the background when the computer starts up
*Malware, Adware, Virus
*Hard Disk nearly full
*Hard Drive needs Defraging
*Not enough RAM
The above causes are relatively easy to attend to and can quickly be discounted by spending an hour on your computer. This can be done remotely.
If all of the above are found to not be the cause of a slow computer then there are a couple of options I recommend.
Depending on the age of the computer and it's hardware configuration.
If the computer is less than 2-3 yrs old then a computer Reset maybe the answer. This is like reinstalling windows as it was when you purchased it. You start again with a clean computer.
If starting again is not an option then replacing the old Mechanical Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive is invariably the best solution.
This new Solid State Drive will offer you a dramatic performance improvement.
In fact your computer will perform better than it was when it was new.

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