Clive Palmer Message

COVID-19 VACCINE – 210 deaths, 24,000 adverse reactions. When will they stop?

Men and Women of Australia,
I feel duty-bound to bring the following to your attention.
The Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration report confirms 210 deaths and 24,000 adverse reactions after the COVID-19 vaccines. There are over 5,000 deaths in the USA attributed to the Covid Vaccines including Pfizer.
While I support the use of vaccines that have approval for general use, I am very concerned by the use of this vaccine on the general population.
My understanding is that emergency use of a medicine is only authorised in the US if the person receiving the treatment is in immediate danger of dying. This is not the case with millions of Australians who are not ill. The simple fact is that we don’t have one-year safety data, three-year safety data, or five-year safety data for the use of the COVID-19 vaccine on humans or animals. Over 50% of animals in the animal trials have died.
I do not understand why it is that millions of Australians should be subject to a medical treatment that has not complied with normal practices.
There is no pandemic in Australia – only one person has died of COVID in 2021. The TGA and the government have spread misleading information designed to create fear in the population. TheCenter for Disease Control website in the United States confirms the following effects that their vaccine program has had using the same vaccines that the TGA has approved in Australia – over5,000 deaths, 3,900 disabled, 571 miscarriages, 1,500 Bell’s Palsy, and 1,900 heart attacks.
The Governments around Australia have done a great job in protecting all Australians from COVID-19 and for healthy Australians to receive such a treatment is, as I understand it, unprecedented.
I don’t understand why Australians need to rush or take risks with their lives.
And I don’t understand why the Australian Government has granted the pharmaceutical companies a complete indemnity should their COVID-19 vaccines cause illness or death. It would appear that these pharmaceutical companies lack confidence in their own products, which makes them ask for such an indemnity. No one will be successful in court if the government has indemnified the pharmaceutical companies.
We need to maintain the very high standards Australia has set for itself in the approvals of vaccines.
The COVID 19 Vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting COVID and it doesn’t stop you from passing it on. Does it serve any real purpose?

For the TGA report and more information go to:

God bless Australia, Clive Palmer

New TGA Safety update – Now 24,402 adverse reactions.
Death data REMOVED
Guillain-Barre syndrome added as an adverse event of interest.
Adverse events of special interest that we are monitoring for both vaccines include:

• clotting disorders without thrombocytopenia (low platelets) including stroke, pulmonary embolism, and deep vein thrombosis
• anaphylaxis
• thrombocytopenia without thrombosis
• seizures
• acute cardiac injury, for example myocarditis and pericarditis, heart failure and cardiogenic shock, arrhythmia
• facial weakness or paralysis, for example Bell’s palsy
• loss of sense of taste or smell (also called ageusia or anosmia)
• Guillain-Barre syndrome.